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Green&Co CBD Cigarette

Green&Co CBD Cigarette

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Green&Co CBD Cigarette is made of 100% dried CBD hemp. Thanks to a carefully selected blend of hemp, they are delicate in taste. They are an ideal alternative for anyone who appreciates the ritual of smoking without tobacco and nicotine.

Product Information

Introducing Green&Co CBD Cigarette – a revolutionary alternative for those seeking a smoke-free, CBD-infused experience. Crafted with precision and care, our CBD cigarettes offer a unique blend of premium hemp and pure CBD, providing a satisfying smoking experience without the harmful effects of tobacco.

At Green&Co, we prioritize quality and purity. Our CBD cigarettes are made with organically grown hemp sourced from trusted farms, ensuring the highest standards of quality and consistency. Each cigarette contains a precise dose of CBD, carefully extracted using advanced techniques to preserve the plant's natural goodness.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, Green&Co CBD Cigarettes are free from nicotine and tobacco, making them a healthier choice for those looking to reduce their reliance on conventional smoking products. Plus, our cigarettes are non-addictive and non-psychoactive, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the risk of dependency or intoxication.

With Green&Co CBD Cigarettes, convenience meets effectiveness. Each pack contains carefully rolled cigarettes that are ready to smoke anytime, anywhere. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, alleviate stress, or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation, our CBD cigarettes provide a convenient and discreet way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Experience the natural goodness of hemp with Green&Co CBD Cigarettes – the perfect choice for those seeking a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. Say goodbye to tobacco and hello to wellness with every puff.


100% dried CBD Hemp.

3rd Party Lab Reports

View our product lab reports here.

At LAZE we pride ourselves in providing CBD goodies to customers that are only 3rd party lab tested to ensure everything is up to standard and without all the nasties like heavy metals and pesticides. Most importantly, to make sure every product contain less than 0.2% THC, making them compliant with UK regulations and legal to be sold in the UK.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Green&Co CBD Cigarettes?

Green&Co CBD Cigarettes are premium hemp cigarettes made from 100% dried hemp. These cigarettes offer a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the potential benefits of CBD without the harmful effects of tobacco or nicotine.

How are Green&Co CBD Cigarettes different from traditional cigarettes?

Green&Co CBD Cigarettes are made exclusively from dried hemp flowers, containing no tobacco or nicotine. They provide a smooth and satisfying smoking experience while delivering the natural benefits of CBD. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain harmful chemicals and additives, Green&Co CBD Cigarettes offer a cleaner and more natural alternative.

What are the potential benefits of smoking Green&Co CBD Cigarettes

Green&Co CBD Cigarettes offer the potential benefits of CBD, including relaxation, stress relief, and mood enhancement. With each puff, you can enjoy the soothing properties of CBD in a convenient and discreet form. Plus, since these cigarettes contain no tobacco or nicotine, they may be a safer option for smokers looking to reduce their tobacco consumption.

Are Green&Co CBD Cigarettes legal?

Yes, Green&Co CBD Cigarettes are legal in many regions, as they are made from hemp-derived CBD containing less than 0.2% THC. However, it's essential to verify the legality of CBD products in your area before purchasing or using them.

More about Green&Co CBD Cigarettes

Indulge in the pure and natural experience of Green&Co CBD Cigarettes, meticulously crafted from 100% dried hemp flowers. These premium cigarettes offer a satisfying smoking experience without the harmful effects of tobacco or nicotine. With each puff, you can enjoy the soothing properties of CBD, providing relaxation, stress relief, and mood enhancement. Made from high-quality hemp and free from additives or chemicals, Green&Co CBD Cigarettes offer a cleaner and more natural alternative to traditional cigarettes. Plus, their discreet and convenient form makes them perfect for on-the-go use. Elevate your smoking experience with Green&Co CBD Cigarettes and discover the natural benefits of CBD in every puff.

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