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TAAT Hemp Cigarette

TAAT Hemp Cigarette

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Choose our Smooth TAAT Hemp Cigarette to fulfill your need for relaxation. Indulge in a refreshing and calming sensation as you enjoy its light and smooth flavor. Our exclusive blend of FDA-approved food-grade ingredients is crafted to replicate the taste of well-known tobacco cigarettes such as Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, and Pall Mall Blue. Say farewell to traditional smoking and give this incredible alternative a try.

Product Information

Say goodbye to addictive tobacco cigarettes and embrace a healthier alternative with TAAT's revolutionary Beyond Tobacco proprietary plant-based sticks. With zero nicotine and zero tobacco, our sticks offer a guilt-free smoking experience that mimics the familiar rituals of traditional cigarettes.

Experience the sensation of rolling paper between your fingers, the sound of it burning, and the comforting scent that fills the air with every puff. Our TAAT Hemp Cigarettes in Smooth flavor feature all the characteristics of conventional cigarettes, including our exclusive Beyond Tobacco filter, FSC-branded paper, and a light, mellow flavor that's perfect for casual smokers.

But that's not all – our packaging is designed to provide you with the same convenience and value as traditional cigarette brands, with 20 sticks per flip-top carton at a fraction of the cost. Plus, each TAAT Hemp Cigarette contains up to 25mg of potential CBD per stick, with less than 0.2% THC, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects.

Make the switch to TAAT Hemp Cigarettes and discover a better way to smoke. With our proprietary plant-based formula and smooth flavor, you can enjoy a satisfying smoking experience without the harmful effects of tobacco.


Broad spectrum hemp extracts.

3rd Party Lab Reports

View our product lab reports here.

At LAZE we pride ourselves in providing CBD goodies to customers that are only 3rd party lab tested to ensure everything is up to standard and without all the nasties like heavy metals and pesticides. Most importantly, to make sure every product contain less than 0.2% THC, making them compliant with UK regulations and legal to be sold in the UK.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TAAT Hemp Cigarette?

A TAAT Hemp Cigarette is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, meticulously crafted using a proprietary blend of hemp-derived CBD-rich hemp material. Designed to replicate the experience of smoking a conventional cigarette without the addictive properties of nicotine, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offer a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

98% of TAAT sticks are 100% organic hemp and water. The other 2% is a proprietary blend of 100% FDA-approved food-grade ingredients made to flavor our sticks to mimic the tobacco smokes you have gotten used to. This helps you cut down on harmful and addictive nicotine while still choosing the freedom of taste. 

How is TAAT Hemp Cigarette different from traditional cigarettes?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain tobacco and nicotine, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes are made with hemp-derived CBD material, providing a non-addictive alternative for smokers looking to transition away from nicotine. TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offer a similar smoking experience to traditional cigarettes, including the familiar taste and sensation, without the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine.

What are the potential benefits of smoking TAAT Hemp Cigarette?

TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offer the potential benefits of CBD, including relaxation, stress relief, and mood enhancement. By providing a tobacco and nicotine-free smoking alternative, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes can help smokers reduce their dependence on traditional cigarettes while still enjoying the ritual and experience of smoking.

Are TAAT Hemp Cigarettes legal?

Yes, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes are legal in many regions, as they are made with hemp-derived CBD material containing less than 0.3% THC. However, it's essential to check your local regulations regarding the legality of hemp and CBD products before purchasing or using them.

How should I smoke TAAT Hemp Cigarettes?

To smoke TAAT Hemp Cigarettes, simply remove the cigarette from the pack, light it with a match or lighter, and inhale as you would with a traditional cigarette. Enjoy the smooth and satisfying taste of TAAT Hemp Cigarettes while reaping the potential benefits of CBD.

More about TAAT Hemp Cigarette

Experience the next evolution in smoking with TAAT Hemp Cigarette, the perfect tobacco and nicotine-free alternative for smokers looking to make a positive change. Crafted using a proprietary blend of hemp-derived CBD material, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offer a smooth and satisfying smoking experience without the addictive properties of nicotine. Designed to replicate the taste, aroma, and ritual of smoking a traditional cigarette, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes provide smokers with a familiar yet healthier option. With the potential benefits of CBD, including relaxation and stress relief, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offer a holistic approach to smoking cessation. Plus, with their legal status in many regions, you can enjoy the benefits of TAAT Hemp Cigarettes with peace of mind. Elevate your smoking experience and make the switch to TAAT Hemp Cigarettes today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Charlotte D.
Making Switching Up Habits Easy

I stumbled upon TAAT Hemp Cigarettes while searching for a non-nicotine option, and I'm glad I did. They have a satisfying drag and a rich flavor that keeps me coming back. Plus, the CBD content provides a calming sensation that helps take the edge off.

Jack T.
Feeling Good with TAAT

TAAT Hemp Cigarettes are a game-changer for me. I've been trying to kick my smoking habit for years, and these have made the transition so much easier. They're smooth, enjoyable, and help take the edge off without all the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, thanks to the added CBD.

Willow C.
My New Quit-Smoking Buddy

I was skeptical at first, but TAAT Hemp Cigarettes pleasantly surprised me. Smooth, flavorful, and a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Plus, the added CBD brings a relaxed vibe to my smoking experience. Definitely worth a try if you're looking to cut back on nicotine.

Isabella C.
Flavorful, Relaxing, and Just Right

TAAT Hemp Cigarettes have become a staple in my smoking routine. I love that they're nicotine-free and made from natural hemp. They provide a calming effect without the buzz of traditional cigarettes, making them perfect for any time of day. The CBD infusion is an added bonus that enhances the relaxation factor.

Emily J.
Smooth Smoking, Stress-Free Vibes

TAAT Hemp Cigarettes are my go-to when I need a break from regular cigarettes. The hemp flavor is subtle yet distinct, and I appreciate that it's a natural option. Plus, the added CBD helps me unwind after a long day.